Looking after your Exterior in 4 easy steps

Care and maintenance instructions

Extending the Life of Your Paintwork


Most people think it's the weather that breaks down exterior paint. It's actually dirt and pollution that works its way into the surface of the paint, weakens it, and then the sun, wind and rain finish it off.


Looking after your exterior in 4 Easy Steps

Whether your home is timber, cement render, brick, masonry or some form of building panel, all exterior painted surfaces will benefit from being cleaned down once in a while. At least twice a year to get the maximum life out of your paint job.

For the small time it takes, it can extended the life to the exterior considerably

  1. Prepare a bucket of warm water mixed with a very small amount of household washing up detergent. DO NOT USE Caustic-based or any other house hold cleaning products as they will often remove not only the grime but a good part of your paint covering as well.
  2. Hose down area to be cleaned, once moist use a soft broom, clean cloth or soft brush and apply warm water from bucket until surface is clean.
  3. Before the wall or other painted surface has the opportunity to dry, you should hose it down thoroughly with clean water. DO NOT USE a water pressure blaster on the building this will not be necessary
  4. Wipe away any dirt or mould on your window sills, these are the spots where the dirt is going to accumulate the most and attack the paint and break it down quickly 

A good job will keep your home looking clean, extend the life of your paintwork and add to its value.

Its a few hours work that will keep your new or existing paint job looking super for years to come and save you money

If you dont have the time or would like us to come and sort it out for you, just give us a bell and we can pop around and give you a price to make home look sparkling new...

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