With many years of experience under our belts, we can do heaps of great stuff with paint! We are a team with creative skills and knowledge who will have a go at anything paint – you name it. Turn it from old to new in no time, or if it takes your fancy, we can give it the characterised authentic worn look you so desire.

Mat White Painting is constantly seeking ways to improve our processes and functionality as a business. Consequently, we prefer only to use acrylic, plant or natural based paints so that the impact of our work for the client, the environment and for our staff is minimized.

We use environmentally friendly paints that have no added solvents and are Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are hazardous chemicals that are emitted from paints. This occurs even after the paint has dried and some may continue to discharge for several years after application. By responsibly choosing Zero and Low VOC emitting paints, fewer environmentally damaging chemicals are released when compared to traditional paints. Additionally, you will experience no paint odors and no long lasting chemicals being emitted after the paint has dried. This will be helping improve air quality both inside and outside your home or business. Cleaner , healthier, responsible.

We also use a vacuum sanding system to reduce any dust during the preparation phase of each project. Keeping the site clean throughout the job and a wash-out box that contains all our washing up of brushes and tools, so no dirty mess at your residence. A clean and tidy work site at all times.

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We offer:

Interior & Exterior

Domestic & Commercial

Zero / Low Voc Paints and materials

Friendly, punctual & professional staff

Clean & tidy work spaces

Colour and decoration consulting

Colour matching

Vacuum sanding system

Electro-static spray system

Polished plaster


Minor repairs


Organising trades