Beautiful timber windows oiled in Livos

These beautiful Australian hardwood timber windows and doors have been oiled inside and out  in Two coats of Livos exterior decking oil. The best exterior oil I have used. This product will last agains the elements.

We have done a lot of exterior timber work in the past 6 months and the most common question my clients ask is how long is it going to last? 


The Five main factors in this equation 1. Preparation 2.Application 3.Product 4. Weather / Environment 5. Cleaning 


All can play a part in the longevity of the varnish / oil or any exterior paint work.

Keeping your exterior paint work clean and free of dirt and grime is a great way to prolong the life span of the finish. 

2-3 times a year wash your house down.

Looking after your largest and most expensive asset will save you money in the long run. 


Oil will never last as long as an exterior painted surface 

Oils and varnishes just don’t have the protection against UV. If washed & maintained they can always look amazing and new. 

Always make sure that if they are looking a little dull then they need another coat. The longer you leave it past this point the more preparation, time and money you will have to spend.