Electrostatic Finishing system

This spray gun allows us to paint most metals on site interior and exterior

Gates, Fences, Security doors, Feature lacework, Balustrades, Roller-doors, Furniture, Aluminium window and door frames, Machinery.

Electrostatic spraying is especially useful for rejuvenating or coating metal surfaces where conventional spray systems or hand painting will require more cost and time and a less complete coating.

The transfer efficiency of electrostatic systems can be as high as 95%.

The work piece to be coated is attached to a positive electrode (grounded) and an applicator is attached to the negative electrode. An electric current is utilised to create an electrostatic field between the two electrodes. Atomized particles of paint, receiving a negative charge, are attracted rapidly and evenly to all areas of the positively charged work piece, too all side of the object been painted.

The advantages of this electrostatic coating technology are that it not only saves a large amount of coating material, but also results in a reduction in the coating time through the improvement of coating capacity. Material savings, protecting the working environment and also bringing us high added value as a technology for safeguarding the natural environmental - these are the reasons why we choose to use the electrostatic coating process.