Stylish dining experience

Sometimes we get to work with great interior designers on projects. This one was with Camila molders.


We got called in to help rejuvenate these 2 rooms in this original terrace in Prahran.


Haymes white on white for all the ceilings, doors, windows, architraves and skirting. 

Haymes blue Astor for the walls 


An elegant fabric style wall paper was used in the sitting room. 





Northcote renovation

Been working on this new and old in Northcote for the past few months for Topp Constructs. 

It’s looking pretty nice 

 Timber lined bathroom ceiling in the ensuite.  

Timber lined bathroom ceiling in the ensuite.  


Feature walls  


Powder rooms  


Timber lined stairwell  




Timber lined ceiling in the kitchen lounge  

 Amazing Cabintetry in this house by Kohed Cabintetry 

Amazing Cabintetry in this house by Kohed Cabintetry 

The space between new and old  


Laundry walk through area  


All the interior painted in Taubmans Pure Performance Low VOC.  

Giving the new owners a very clean, safe and durable space to live in. 

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Parkdale gem

This was a big project for us at MWP

Was a great job to takle with lots of different elements to work on. 

Jon Webb and his apprentice Hash were wonderful to work with over the duration of the job. These guys are master craftsman. Highly recommend

All the windows, doors, architraves, skirting was oiled in Livos exterior wood oil. 

All the inside ceiling & walls were painted in Resene Zero Voc 

Exterior weatherboards, fascias and  eaves we used all Taubmans Endure exterior Low-sheen & semi-gloss  as well as the Livos exterior oil on all the windows, architraves & doors. 

The floors were also done in Livos interior flooring oil. 

Big thanks to my guys for a fantastic effort.   



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Looking after your Exterior in 4 easy steps

Care and maintenance instructions

Extending the Life of Your Paintwork


Most people think it's the weather that breaks down exterior paint. It's actually dirt and pollution that works its way into the surface of the paint, weakens it, and then the sun, wind and rain finish it off.


Looking after your exterior in 4 Easy Steps

Whether your home is timber, cement render, brick, masonry or some form of building panel, all exterior painted surfaces will benefit from being cleaned down once in a while. At least twice a year to get the maximum life out of your paint job.

For the small time it takes, it can extended the life to the exterior considerably

  1. Prepare a bucket of warm water mixed with a very small amount of household washing up detergent. DO NOT USE Caustic-based or any other house hold cleaning products as they will often remove not only the grime but a good part of your paint covering as well.
  2. Hose down area to be cleaned, once moist use a soft broom, clean cloth or soft brush and apply warm water from bucket until surface is clean.
  3. Before the wall or other painted surface has the opportunity to dry, you should hose it down thoroughly with clean water. DO NOT USE a water pressure blaster on the building this will not be necessary
  4. Wipe away any dirt or mould on your window sills, these are the spots where the dirt is going to accumulate the most and attack the paint and break it down quickly 

A good job will keep your home looking clean, extend the life of your paintwork and add to its value.

Its a few hours work that will keep your new or existing paint job looking super for years to come and save you money

If you dont have the time or would like us to come and sort it out for you, just give us a bell and we can pop around and give you a price to make home look sparkling new...

Phone 040 777 5033

Thanks for using Mat White Painting


These windows got a shellacking

A lot of hard labour went into restoring these windows in this beautiful old home in Ripponlea 

They came up amazing thanks for a great job Aaron, Marlowe and G 

These windows had not been touched in years and needed a little love. 


Taping up all the window and removing all the hardware before the preparation begins.


Sanding them all the way back to timber with Festool sanders hooked up to vacuum system so not much dust 


Three seperate windows.. 

Shellac flakes mixed with metho to make a very thin brew of varnish. Then applied with brushes. The finish is amazing a true original eco varnish straight from the shellac beatle and the tree. Thanks to nature you get these amazing golden tones. 


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Getting down with a bit of shellac

Doing a few tests on a window using shellac. This is a very old school method of varnishing timber surfaces. Most peeps will also know it as the process of French polishing. 



ABOVE: This is what the old surfaces look like after many many years. Hey 


This is what it looks like now just like magic ⚡️



Shellac is produced by Beatles onto a tree where it is scrapped off in flakes. Once mentholated spirit is added the liquid is then applied in very this layers. The more layers the more colour, this seals the timber and keeps it weather proof. And can be sealed with a polish after for a higher gloss level.  


5 coats of a good shellacking  


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Exterior timber windows

It seems it a flavour of the month

Re vamping timber windows is a very labour intensive job to remove all the original varnish to bring them back to life, but well worth it.  


These windows has coped a lot of weather over the years 


Once we tape them all up the sanding starts, sanding them all back to bare timber again


Final results amazing new windows, with 2 coats of gloss marine varnish 


New transparent finish for staircase

These clients had a finish on the staircase done a while back but the job wasn’t executed very well. Best call in the professionals. A total sand off back to timber and a slightly lighter mix has done the trick 


Out with the old, this Festool little ripper makes light work of these varnished stair treads. 


New paint finish using acrylic floor clear and paint mixed to have a coloured transparent finish so the grain of the timber can still be seen through the finish. 

Beautiful timber windows oiled in Livos

These beautiful Australian hardwood timber windows and doors have been oiled inside and out  in Two coats of Livos exterior decking oil. The best exterior oil I have used. This product will last agains the elements.

We have done a lot of exterior timber work in the past 6 months and the most common question my clients ask is how long is it going to last? 


The Five main factors in this equation 1. Preparation 2.Application 3.Product 4. Weather / Environment 5. Cleaning 


All can play a part in the longevity of the varnish / oil or any exterior paint work.

Keeping your exterior paint work clean and free of dirt and grime is a great way to prolong the life span of the finish. 

2-3 times a year wash your house down.

Looking after your largest and most expensive asset will save you money in the long run. 


Oil will never last as long as an exterior painted surface 

Oils and varnishes just don’t have the protection against UV. If washed & maintained they can always look amazing and new. 

Always make sure that if they are looking a little dull then they need another coat. The longer you leave it past this point the more preparation, time and money you will have to spend. 



Lots of love to bring this beauty back to life

People often ask how long does it take to paint a room

Around 180 hours was put in to prep and repaint this main bedroom, ensuite ceiling + window and a small walk through area with 6 doors, ceiling and skylight. 


when we started peeling back paint this is what can happen. There has been issues with water and possible rising damp. Those dark coloured dots are black mould and that is very bad. Not great to be sleeping in an environment with this stuff....


Loose plaster had to be removed  


The ceiling was covered with lining paper to cover some of the issues with cracks. All the paper came off very easily. So we replastered the entire ceiling back to original condition, well pretty dam close 👍🏼


Finally the finished project 

First room room completed about 6 to go 😊

Bench tops finished Front deck give a bit of love

Always great working away from the city. Point Leo is such a beautiful part of the wold.  


Just the front edge of the deck was looking a bit dry. A light sand with the Festool and first coat of intergrain. Once that soaks in and drys off the gloss will dull down leaving a more natural looking finish.

I’ll put another coat on in a few weeks time and it’ll be all good for another year or so 


These back boards do cop a lot of coastal sunshine and weather.  Was time to give them a good sand back, undercoat and 2 finish coats of Taubmans endure exterior Lowsheen.