Shrinkage 🙄

This is what can happen when you paint your place in a really dark colour.  

Because of the sun and possibly still very green timber. As soon as the hot weather kicks in everything heats up And this is what can happen.  


Old boards also have a tendency to bubble in some spots where it gets a lot of direct sunlight or heavy sun.  

This is very hard to detect when starting a project. Even with a lot of preparation. Best solution is to rip it back to bare timber and start the prep again.  


Finshed results amazing 👍🏼


We’re serious about helping others

Here at Mat White Painting & Stick  Wooden Surfboards where pretty serious about helping others. We know we can’t fix world problems but we can make small loans to lots of individuals and to the ASRC.

Helping with education, employment, medical assistance, leagals, community engagement and maybe even buying a few more cows or seeds for planting to help a family live a better life .



This year by selling our Stick caps we raised over $700 to donate to the ASRC. Thank you to everybody that bought a cap and joined the Stick wooden surfboards team. 


KIVA is a great way to help others with only a few $$ 


To date MWP has donated over $3500 to 103 peeps and groups in 34 different countries. 


Thanks again to everybody that has been apart of our journey  


Big bucks doesn’t mean great finishes

When your spending over 2million  for a 2 bedroom apartment you would expect great finishes 

We were called in to re-prep and  repaint walls, doors, arcs and skirts as the quality of the finish that was done when then apartment was built was very poor...

Please when choosing a tradesman to do any work in your home do you research check up on the quality of what your tradesman can produce, get referrals, references it may take a little more effort initially but in the end less headaches and quality job... 

Appologies for the boring photos  


A new facelift for this bright beauty

What a super change for this home

All the walls painted in Taubmans endure Lowsheen exterior Dulux natural white

Timber battons that run all the way around the top story had to be sanded back and re varnished using a 3 stage process using sikkens cetol  ebony 


very old and pretty much stuffed deck, coated in Haymes dexpress, looks almost like new. Gives it a few more years life and at a faction of the cost to replace. Win win 






New home for one of my paintings

My art has found a new home at my friend Belinda’s 

I painted this not long after we had the big fires outside of melbourne this was painted off a photo I took driving down malvern road,  every early morning on the Monday after that horrific weekend.

It was one of the most amazing sky’s I have ever seen. 


This phot is a little distorted it’s much skinnier than this 😬 


Deck time in O.G

The new house has 2 decks one out front and this one out back (see below) both have been left uncared for for many years. The question was could we salvage what we had? 


Over a few weekends we deck washed, scrubbed and water blasted all the grime and dirt off the deck. 

It was looking pretty done  


Gave it a once over with the sander and splashed a few coats of oil on and we now have a deck that’s going to last another few bbq weekends....  



It’s not perfect but we just saved ourselves a heap of $$$$ not having to replace all the timbers  


MWP painting the coast

Got to head away with the boys to Anglesea for the last 2 weeks to paint a little holiday house. Good times 


Bit of rnr after work a couple of beers and walk down the beach 


Ghulam our new apprentice checking out the view from moggs creek hill 


still got a bit to do on the varnished windows. The weather was atrocious, snowed in lorne while we were down there 😬 


Dulux antique white USA 

All walls, ceiling and trim painted in the Taubmans pure performance Low VOC range 


That 70s style

This 1973 flatroof court yard beauty was a great job to take on. 

Small reno, new bathrooms, kitchen, flooring. New paint work inside and out 



The new kitchen made from bamboo veneers. Draws lined with birch ply, amazing detail in this joinery, concrete bench tops. 


Using cork for the flooring in the kitchen and dining areas keeps that 70s vibe throughout the back of the house. 


Lounge, kitchen flooring and some new windows and doors all oiled with Livos interior oils.  


All Walls, ceiling and woodwork all Antique white USA . Taubmans Low VOC paints 


Exterior timber done in Livos exterior and Taubmans exterior endure, Colourbond monument.

Decking it out

This is the finished product with a lot of elbow grease from our new apprentice Ghulam 'G' for short 

Sanding with the machine sander, deck wash and then 2 coats of Livos exterior oil. 


The deck after sanding and deck wash 


Using an oil is much easier to maintain for the future life of the deck. 


Rather than using an acrylic decking product that will just sit on top of the timber and never penetrate. Oil done properly will soak into the timber and create a barrier to keep out the elements. 


The oil brings out the natural colours in the decking timber.

The oil has a hint of colour in it, this acts as a sunscreen for the oil and timber which helps with the longevity. Keeping the uv from breaking down the oil too fast and drying out the deck. 


Part #2 of Big Bold colours

A great job to work on with Bill and his crew from Topp Constructs. Big thanks to my guys Aaron, Marlowe & Steve from MWP awesome work.

This renovation has some great interior and exterior design. Timber, colour, cabinetry, lighting and tiles.   

Something all you revovators should aspire to. 


When you don't have a lot of space out back. A big deck , BBQ and a vertical garden is always a great option for great use of space.